wedding cake – Black and White Double Heart by Natalya

Black and White Double Heart

Black and White Double Heart
It’s always a good thing to embrace tradition during weddings. However, ‘tradition’ doesn’t always translate to ‘old- fashioned’ or ‘yesterday’. Tradition can easily be modern and contemporary.

Such is the charm of the Black and White Double Heart cake. It’s the traditional wedding cake – but not, really.

Choose your own flavor from such delicious options as chocolate, vanilla, marble, banana, lemon, or carrot. And don’t forget to pick a filling, be it strawberries in whipped cream or just whipped cream, butter cream in chocolate or vanilla or any pudding that you fancy. If you can’t make up your mind, pick a different flavor and different filling for each of the three tiers. You’ll have a lovely variety. Just make sure you sample each one!

This 3-tiered masterpiece features an amazing modern minimalistic design of smooth white fondant and silver dragees. But the most discerning design of all is literally in the little things – exquisitely handmade black fondant flowers and folds. An elegant silver doubt heart cake topper lends the requisite dramatic finishing touch.

The Black and White Double Heart cake comfortably serves 100 people. It’s the perfect piece de resistance for any wedding.

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    Hi just wondering how much would a cake like this be and if your located in Australia?

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    very nice design cake.*%*

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