wedding cake – Double Heart Beauty by Natalya

Double Heart Beauty

Double Heart Beauty
Two hearts beating as one – that’s what weddings are meant to convey. What better way to send that message than with the Double Heart Beauty cake?

This 3-tiered fondant is sure to become the centerpiece of any wedding. Why, it may even steal the show from the bride! Good thing the cake doesn’t come until later. We don’t want that, do we?

The cake could be absolutely any flavor you want, be it sweet chocolate, delightful vanilla, playful marble, creamy banana, fruity lemon, or even healthy carrot. For fillings, you can go for whipped cream, butter cream in vanilla or chocolate, a pudding of your choosing, or strawberries.

Looking at the beautifully handmade fondant roses, it’s almost a shame to eat them. Originally done in ivory and gold, you can specify your own color scheme. We’re flexible like that.

Of course, this Double Heart Beauty will be nothing without the double hearts cake topper. That’s better than the icing on the cake, don’t you think?

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